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We are moving to a  new hosting service!

We are in the process of moving to a new hosting service, owned and operated by an Elsanna fan!  This gives us even more control and security over our sites and the content in them.   


The Art Archives have been built, tested and populated!

Tumblr was great, until they shut down adult content and then deleted the account!.  Fortunately, we had backups!  All of that wonderful art and has been  migrated to new WordPress based sites! 


The Comics Archive has been created!

This is a major upgrade over the old "Copper" site on Tumblr.  It will become home an archive for every major Elsanna comic created!


The Fiction Archive is up an running!

Actually, it never went down, but it was left on auto-pilot.  We are now upgrading the site to add more skins for easier viewing and are actively looking at copying content off of the Dropbox site.

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