Elsanna.Fans Privacy Policy

As simple as we can make it...


What Information is Collected

As little as possible.  Your "name" and email address IF you provide it on the contact form. 


Where, Why and How

IF you use our contact form, then we save that information so we can reply to your message!  No other sort of tracking is performed!


Who Do We Share it With?

Commercially?  No one.  Ever.  For any reason.
If required by law?   Only if we absolutely have to.


What are YOUR rights to your data?

If for any reason you ever feel the need, let us know and we will purge everything we know about you from wherever we may have it.  Please keep in mind that when it comes to the Internet and email providers, there may be copies and backups that live on forever (much like our love for Elsanna!).

Our websites are owned, built and controlled by Elsanna fans, for Elsanna fans.
Our mission is to preserve and present all of that amazing Elsanna content without relying on 3rd party services.

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