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Welcome to Elsanna.Fans!

Here's what's going on...


We have our own domain and server!

Our websites are owned, built and controlled by Elsanna fans, for Elsanna fans.  Our mission is to preserve and present all of that amazing Elsanna content without relying on 3rd party services. 


The old Fan Fiction Archive has been moved!

...the only thing that changed was the URL.  Instead of elsannafiction.com, it is now "fiction.elsanna.fans". 


The new Comics Archive has been created!

This is a major upgrade over the old "Copper" site on Tumblr.  It now contains every major Elsanna comic created!


Two of the (adult) Art Archives are back!

Tumblr may have shut down our adult content archives, but we have brought them back!  Give us a little more time and the Main archive will move as well.

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